Three Delicious Foods in Puerto Rico – Best Restaurants to Enjoy Them

If you try these delicious foods while visiting Puerto Rico you will leave the island with a memorable impression. These “must have” foods will fulfill all of your culinary desires and will give you one more reason to return.

Here are three of the most delicious foods in Puerto Rico and the best restaurants to get them while visiting the island. Enjoy! menunalong

1. “Bacalaitos” are salty codfish fritters, which are a typical appetizer or snack that locals normally have while at the beach. They give you a wonderful crispy sensation that everyone craves. Your taste buds will be in a state of nirvana when they feel the tender cod-fish combined with the extraordinary crunchiness of this tasty treat.

The “Casita Blanca” or White House (straight up translation) is the place to have these scrumptious fritters while also enjoying a taste of the local culture. This restaurant has served typical Puerto Rican food since the 1980’s and offers a killer “flan” or custard. If you are looking to truly experience the island and taste the local fare, it is so worth the ride. Casita Blanca is located at #351 Tapia Street in Ocean Park, only 10 minutes from the airport.

2. “Mallorcas” are savory pastry dishes that will sweeten your palate on your first meal of the day. These pressed sandwiches pair very well with your morning coffee. Most people have them lightly toasted with lots of butter and powdered sugar on top. Although they are a great option at any time of the day, these delicious treats are to die for by themselves or with ham and cheese.

There are several breakfast diners in Old San Juan but Cafe Mallorca, which was touted as the “platonic ideal of a diner” by the NY times, is the place to have the best mallorca in town. Don’t forget to have a glass of their freshly squeezed orange juice while you are there. Cafe Mallorca is located at #300 San Francisco Street.

3. “Mofongo” is an amazing authentic dish made of fried mashed plantains and is usually stuffed with different goodies such as seafood or chicken. This “platito” or small dish is prepared with all the wonderful seasonings your palate will adore, including garlic, olive oil and pork rinds. Yum.

The mofongo is extremely popular and is served in many parts of the island, but there is one place which reigns supreme in Old San Juan and that is Cafe Puerto Rico. This highly desired spot offers a great meal and front row seating to the Plaza Colon town square. Cafe Puerto Rico is located on #208 O’Donnell Street near the popular SoFo or South Fortaleza.

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