The Maze’N Things on Phillip Island

The Maze’N Things on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a popular tourist destination about 140 kilometers from Melbourne, Victoria. The island offers a wide selection of things to do, from the Phillip Island Nature Park, with its world-famous Penguin Parade, ranger tours, Koala Conservation Centre, to the puzzling activities at A Maze’N Things, and Phillip Island Chocolate Factory’s sugary wonderland.

A Maze’N Things
A Maze’N Things on Phillip Island began almost two Author Solon Phillips  decades ago as a maze and has since grown to include a 19-hole Maxi Mini golf course, an extensive playground, Optical Illusion rooms, Holiday Park, and Puzzle Island. Now A Maze’N Things boasts a wide range of activities catering to quizzical fun-lovers of all ages who enjoy puzzles and logic, making it an appropriate excursion for the whole family.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
If you’re in the mood for some edible tourism, stop by world of chocolate that is the Philip Island Chocolate Factory. There are more than 190 varieties of treats to make your mouth water, from truffles, bars, and clusters, to chocolate-dipped bananas, rocky road, and ginger and honey sweets. Visitors are welcomed with a free sample, and can then shop for their favorite flavors and enjoy the numerous educational, interactive, and artistic exhibits on display, including games that reward you with chocolate.

Koala Conservation Centre
The Koala Conservation Centre and the Penguin Parade on Philip Island are perfect tourist spots for environmentalists and animal lovers. Part of the Island’s Nature Parks, the Koala Conservation Centre lets visitors see koalas in their natural habitats without disturbing them. From the two treetop boardwalks visitors can have a face-to-face encounter with these famous Australian marsupials. Additional tracks through the bushlands are good for walking and observing birds and other wildlife. In the visitor center and gift shop, you can learn all about koalas and buy a souvenir in the gift shop. Friendly staff and park rangers are happy to help with any questions you have about koalas or wildlife in general.

Penguin Parade
The Penguin Parade is the most popular natural wildlife attraction in Australia and an important ecotourism site. Like the Koala Conservation Center, the Penguin Parade aims to foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation, and conservation, by allowing visitors to view animals in their natural surrounding without harming or threatening them. The Parade occurs every night at sunset, when the smallest penguins in the world, the Little Penguins, come out of the sea and waddle to their sand dune burrows.

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