Hong Kong the City (Lantau Island Beaches)

Mui Wo beach is a 10 minutes walk from the ferry terminal, walking besides the coast passing a number of restaurants and cafes also gift shops for those last minute purchases like, beach balls, and other beach equipment. The walk from the terminal gets you in the mood because the beach is in view and it is a very pleasant walk. The beach itself is well equipped with all the facilities that you will need. There are well equipped changing rooms with inside and outside showers, toilets for both male and female.避孕套價錢

On duty life guards who keep the peace as well as look after our safety in a professional way. This beach is very popular because the distance from Mui Wo only a few minutes walk and all the facilities it boasts. BQ areas so you can bring your own food and be an outside chef but they do fill up very quickly its first come. There are picnic areas close to the children’s play area that boast slides, swings and of course climbing frames. There’s a volley ball court on the sands so you can throw yourself around, or just laze around or go for that refreshing dip. There are a few restaurants in the area so eating is no problem and in Mui Wo the restaurants cater for all tastes. Local shops on the beach front will cater for those drinks, snacks or some beach equipment the ones you have forgotten to bring (must keep the kids happy). Summer will bring a lot of people to Mui Wo so you need to get your place early, being a great beach it can get crowed but certainly no as crowded as you might think, it’s a big beach area.

Transportation to Mui Wo from Hong Kong is by ferry from the central pier no 6 and also by MTR to Tung Chung and then bus no 3m. Have a very pleasant day.


This is a small town about 10min from Mui Wo (by bus) and your first thought, is why have I come here? Well it’s like this, the beach isn’t far away and to get there you must walk through the old paddy fields that have long been lost to farming ages ago. There is something else farming the land, water buffalo. These creatures are from the days when life was simple and are a reminder of how it used to be.

There is more to offer in Pui O, local shops, there are restaurants children’s play area with swings, slides and climbing frames. There a soccer come basketball court, fishing in the river and of course the beach. That’s why you came, clean sandy beach with first class facilities, shop, life guards and a camping site. There are hire shops hiring surf boards and other beach equipment, there is a local shop selling children’s beach balls, bucket and spades, as well as hot/cold drinks and food.

There is camping facilities just off the beach, so if you feel like a stay over by the sea all amenities are on site. Beach facilities are first class with changing room toilets, showers for both sexes and life guards are on duty.

This is a pleasant town when you get inside, the villagers are friendly and I don’t think you will be disappointed if you make the trip. The beach itself is large enough for two to three games of football, the water is shallow for the young children but deep enough for the adults at the top end of the boom. Like all beaches on Lantau you swim in an area marked out by a boom. There’s picnic area for those get together parties and like all Lantau beaches you have a BQ area, so put your chefs hat on and start cooking. Pui O beach is really good and to make the trip from Mui Wo where the beach might be a bit crowed you will find Pui O beach to your liking.


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