Ezine Marketing – How To Gain Customers With Ezine Classifieds

Ezine Marketing – How To Gain Customers With Ezine Classifieds

Ezine advertising is still one of the best ways of targeting more visitors and potential buyer of your products and so may marketers are yet to tap on this opportunity. When advertising in an ezine, you place your advert in ezine that of the same or similar niche with what you are offering in your site. Ezine, which is also known as newsletters, is the best place to sell your products.

Ezine classified ad is that small little text you see on ezine  top of email sent by owners of ezine to subscribers, the advert are always related to what is on the article of the ezine.to be successful using ezine classified advert for promoting your product or that of an affiliate certain factors you should look out for before involving or placing advert in any ezine.

Advertising Targets – You should place your advert in an ezine that talks about your market, hence you have to do research before you put your money in any ezine, make sure such ezine meet your market niche, if not do not advertise in that ezine look for another.

Joining an ezine – The best way for you to know if an ezine is good to market your product is for you to subscribe to the ezine, also you will have to subscribe to a couples of other ezines, being a subscriber this will help you to know if the ezine is your niche market and is meeting to the need of it’s subscribers. So before you pay for advert in that ezine be a member and receive newsletters from the owner of the ezine as this will help you to determine if the ezine is well written or not and to know if it will fit the product you want to promote in the ezine.

Cost of advert – Another very important issue to consider is the cost for placing an advert in the ezine, it should be affordable, and within your reach. There are some ezine that are very effective but very expensive to advert on, such ezine or newsletter for the now should be avoided because you might be on a tight budget or just starting out, it’s not advisable to start with the very expensive ones as this might run you down financially, you should know in the internet world nothing is guaranteed it’s all trial and error. It could be that the cheap ezines will out perform the expensive one’s, who knows, but start with the cheap and affordable ezine, before going for the expensive ones.

Double opt in – Double opt in You have to find out if the ezine you are to place your advert on has double opt in or just single. If it is double it shows the gaminess of the ezine, as there are many ezine that has know room for an uninterested member to unsubscribe, there by pill up bulk names of people that are not interested in your ezine, that also means this people will not even open their email message whenever they see such message in their email box. So avoid any ezine that does not give room for an uninterested member to unsubscribe.

Single advert – Ezines that run single advert in their newsletter are good to advertise with, they expose the pool of traffic they have to that single advert over a period of time, so that their subscriber can take action. It is far better than ezine that puts up multiple advert just in one email they send to their subscriber, thereby dividing their attention as well as reducing the buying power by half, since attention will be divided to two or more advert.

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