Non-Dairy Calcium Sources – Learn About Some Healthful and Beneficial Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

Non-Dairy Calcium Sources – Learn About Some Healthful and Beneficial Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

There are many dairy as well as non-dairy calcium sources which can be added to our everyday diet. Some people have reservations when it comes to drinking milk and any other food coming from animal sources. They think it’s not pure and may contain excessive fat content and even some impurities which are harmful for health.

Although it’s not right to say that milk is Purie not a healthful source of calcium, still some people are allergic to it and all other dairy products. Milk provides up to 400 mg of calcium in 1 serving which is easily absorbed by the bloodstream. It also contains many other minerals and enzymes which help in its proper absorption and provide benefits of their own. So, how can we compensate for all these nutrients in a vegetarian or non-dairy diet?

Some of the non-dairy calcium sources are green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, fish and seafood. Ready-to-eat cereals, calcium fortified orange juice and soy beverages are also fairly good sources of calcium. Vegetarians may also want to add sea vegetables to their diet which are rich in calcium and other minerals and vitamins.

Among vegetables, kale has been found to be the best source of calcium as it contains calcium which is easily digested and absorbed by the bloodstream. Other vegetables belonging to the same family, like turnip greens and mustard greens are also excellent non-dairy calcium sources. 1 cup of each of these vegetables, either raw or cooked, provide up to 300 – 400 mg of calcium.

Fish and seafood are termed as the most healthful sources of calcium since they also contain vitamin D in large quantities. Vitamin D and phosphorus are required for proper absorption of calcium. It is also recommended by doctors to add vitamin D or multi-vitamin tablets to your everyday diet to ensure proper calcium absorption.

Calcium supplements available on the market are good sources of calcium other than the usual dietary sources. Calcium deficient people should use these supplements, either in tablet or liquid form, to fulfill their daily calcium needs and also cure calcium deficiency and all the conditions associated with it.

Among calcium supplements, coral calcium tablets have been found to be very effective in terms of overcoming calcium deficiency. Coral calcium has a high absorption rate than normal calcium and it also assists in weight loss and treatment of depression, PMS and kidney stones.

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